Dino Dana albertosaurus. Was half the size of a T rex. Weighed as much as 3 moose. Microraptor. Why did some dinosaurs have feathers? Baby Triceratops What did dinosaurs sound like?
Stegosaurus Me versus T Rex Herbivore. A dinosaur that easts plants. Hay, Grass, Leaves. Troodon. Largest brain compared to its size of any dinosaur, about as smart as an ostrich. How did dinosaurs get so big? Quetzelcoatlus Therizinosaurus. Largest claws of any animal ever. Maiasaura. Lived in herds of up to 10000 dinos! Carnivore. A dinosaur that eats other dinos. Why did some dinosaurs have feathers? Europa Paleontologists have found over 700 different dinosaurs

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the world of our favorite 10-year-old paleontologist in training (Dino Dana). We want to take your audience on a visual and audio trip to enjoy the world of dinosaurs from the comfort of their own homes. Discover@Home is a new initiative that will entertain, educate and inspire children and families.

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This video series was done in collaboration with the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), Dino Dana and museums everywhere. In each video, Dana calls some of her paleontologist friends from around the world and asks them questions on paleontology.

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With over half a million subscribers and over 1 million views a day, the Dino Kids channel is available for licensees of Dino Dana The Movie for cross-promotional opportunities.

Kid friendly, fun, and exciting, with weekly updates!

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These award-winning immersive games and apps allow visitors and fans learn about their favorite dinosaurs in unique and memorable ways.

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more about the science and magic in Dino Dana The Movie with this collection of curriculum-based activities. Suitable for ages 4 to 8, the educational activity worksheets are developed by Dr. Colleen Russo Johnson, PhD, who is a developmental scientist with expertise in how children engage with and learn from media and technology.

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Dino Dana Field Guide Dino Dana Field Guide Check out this sneak peek of the Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide Volume 1 Dino Dana Dino Field Guide Front Cover Did you know... That the brachiosaurus was the tallest dinosaur that we know of today? That the Kosmoceratops had fifteen horns and hooks on its head? That the spinosaurus is the only known dinosaur to spend most of its time swimming? A guide into science and adventure Order your full copy of the Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide Volume 1 on Amazon