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where are all the kid dinosaurs!

Dino Dana The Movie finds 10-year-old Dana, who sees dinosaurs in the real world, completing an experiment that asks where all the kid dinosaurs are. To find the answer, Dana, her older sister Saara, and their new neighbors Mateo and Jadiel go on a dinosaur journey bigger than anything Dana has ever faced before.


From multi-Emmy award-winning Sinking Ship Entertainment comes Dino Dana The Movie, an action-packed dinosaur adventure that follows 10-year-old Dana as she tries to solve dino experiment 901—where are all the kid dinos? But before she can complete her experiment, Dana's new upstairs neighbour Mateo finds her magical Dino Field Guide, which allows him to see dinosaurs in real life too. This discovery kicks off a prehistoric journey bigger than anything Dana has ever faced before. When Mateo is dino-napped by a T-Rex, who thinks he’s one of her babies, it’s up to Dana, her sister Saara, and Mateo’s older stepbrother Jadiel to get him back. Along the way, Dana and her friends will race through a stampede of Triceratops, take on a Spinosaurus, get beak to nose with a Quetzalcoatlus, and come to realize that family, whether human or Jurassic, is the most important quest of all.


Dino Dana The Movie posits the theory that certain dinosaurs changed shape so dramatically over the course of their development that paleontologists mistakenly identified them as different dinosaurs rather than the same dinosaur at different ages. This “shape-shifting dinosaur” theory is relatively new and not one that all paleontologists agree with. Like all science, it is a process of presenting new ideas and theories and examining the evidence, which is what children will do with the Family & Educational Activity Guide based on Dino Dana The Movie.

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